Our Private Event Room

The Kaufmann Room is a great space for your next event, be it rehearsal dinner, graduation party, business meeting or birthday party.

A warm, historic space in the Blackstone District, the space was home to Kaufmann's Bakery, an iconic Blackstone business for 45 years. We are privileged to share this historic space with the public.


3922 Farnam St.
Omaha, Nebr.
Blackstone District

Rates Vary upon Event Styles and Days:

Please send us your information and we will get back to you in 24 hours, thanks!

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Kaufmann FAQ


How many people will the Kaufmann Room hold? Our Certificate of Occupancy will allow up to 70 people in the room. The minimum group size is 25 people.

How much does the room cost? We charge a rental fee of $50 for use of the room on M­-Th and Sundays. The rate is $100 for Fridays & Saturdays. In addition, there is a bar minimum required based on the size of your party and length of stay. The minimum includes all applicable taxes but does not include gratuity, which will be calculated on the final bar bill (gratuity will not be applied to the flat rental fee). We can also accommodate multiple tabs (such as having guests pay for their own drinks).

How long can I use the room? We require a 2­ hour minimum. However, the bar minimum will be adjusted to compensate for the additional time in one ­hour increments. If you go into an additional hour, we will charge for the full hour.

What is best for smaller parties of less than 25 people? We require a minimum of 25 people for The Kaufmann Room. Smaller groups can be accommodated on first ­come, first ­served basis in our Tasting Room (no reservations accepted).

Can we bring in food? Certainly! People are welcome to use their own catering options. Here are some suggested options in the Blackstone District: Mexican: MULA Mexican Kitchen. Contact: Sammy Pattavina, sammy@mulaomaha.com. Flatbreads/Charcuterie: Corkscrew Wine & Cheese. Contact: Jessica Keith, jessica@corkscrewwineandcheese.com. Italian/Pasta: The Blackstone Meatball. Contact: Joe Rensch, joerensch@theblackstonemeatball.com. Breakfast/other: Early Bird Brunch. Contact: Ben Brigman, ben@earlybirdbrunch.com. Pizza: Noli’s Pizzeria. Contact: Joel Marsh, jmarsh@nolispizza.com.

Can we decorate? You can decorate and arrange tables as needed (no glitter, please).

Can we rearrange the tables? Yes, you are welcome to do want you want in the space for setting up, although we highly encourage that the west wall is utilized for a buffet line, as there is plenty of power along this wall for roasters, etc. If you have a specific layout request please communicate that in advance. If not, we may not have the staff available to assist in changing the setup of the furniture in the space. If time allows, the person working your event will gladly assist in your special request(s) to ensure a successful event.

Do you have projector capabilities for presentations, video, etc? Yes, we have a Bluetooth wireless overhead projector that can be paired with your device in order to run a slideshow or video presentation. You are limited to using the south wall of the room for presentations.

Where can we park? There is plenty of free parking in the Blackstone. The key is knowing where you can park! Below is a map of the public parking lots & times available. You can park in UNMC lots after 4 pm on weeknights and anytime on the weekends and anytime on the weekends (a few are shown on the map that are closest to Scriptown). The best option is the SE corner of 40th & Harney (behind Sullivan’s Bar). 200 plus stalls as well, and a 24/7 lot is located between 37th & 38th Sts. between Farnam and Harney, immediately east of Dundee Bank.

Do you require a deposit? For events of less than 50 people, no deposit is required. We will take payment at the end of the event. We will pencil in the date on our master calendar. All we ask is that you let us know ASAP if your plans change so we can free up space for other customer inquiries. Parties of 50 or more will require a $100 deposit and the execution of a services agreement. The deposit will be refundable up until two weeks before the event.

How do I book the private room or make a reservation? Call Scriptown at 402-­991-­0506 and leave a message that you are interested in booking an event for The Kaufmann Room, or email kaufmann.scriptown@gmail.com or use contact form above.